About Us

Richard (right) and Jani (left) – met 10+ years ago, when Richard was making cider as a hobby and bought his apples from Jani who was already running his own apple orchard in the Turku Archipelago at the time.

We run Nude Cider full-time since 2020 and have grown from 5000 liters of cider to 35000 liters. We use only apples from Jani’s farm, and orchards nearby, and add a modern twist to our pure & local products. We also just made our first longdrink, and launched Finland’s first zero-waste wine for bars and restaurants.

We built a new production facility in Tammiluoto, where Jani’s farm is located. 250m2 with everything we need to make great drinks, including a bottling line, carbonation tanks, racks for champagne method ciders, and much more. We offer guided tours for groups, so please get in touch if you are interested!

Our philosophy is simple. Take great ingredients, as much local as possible, and do not make recipes too complicated.

We are NUDE of Finland!